Account Based Marketing

Shooting in the dark is never successful.Gone are those days when marketers were obsessed with attracting a huge number of accounts into their net, nurture them and then identify their targeted audience. Hence, Account-Based Marketing has started to replace the traditional market. Account-based marketing principally tends to target only the companies or consumers who are more likely to buy your product and services. Rather than targeting the industry as a whole, it aims to target individual consumers or companies using personalized campaigns. This is what sets Account-Based marketing apart from the long back traditional marketing. It is more into focusing and building a relationship with your target users instead of just making revenues. It is a kind of marketing strategy which can be adopted by all sort of companies starting from small scale companies to large scale ones. Account-based marketing bonds marketing and sales together.ABM is highly targeted. This provides you with a truckload of benefits and opportunities. Account-based marketing is often considered to be a “Zero waste” marketing. At Pangea Global Services we use highly targeted, innovative and personalized campaigns to acquire over particular accounts provided by our client companies.

Our ABM team has been designed in such a way to explore the market by evaluating opportunities which tend to increase sales. At Pangea Global Services, we understand your targeted audience and thus 


  • Once we have been provided with the targeted accounts by the client companies we tend to develop innovative personalized campaigns keeping in mind the specifications and requirements. 
  • The next step is to collect more information about the account, verify the particular account so that we can proceed with our messaging part.
  • In the third step, we are supposed to map the account by sending personalized messages to the named account’s business needs and requirements with good engaging content.

The final step is to build a relationship with the leads, thereby, providing our clients with the qualified prospects which can be easily converted into their sales funnel.

These days, Account-based marketing has become a game-changer for B2B marketing. The personalized approach is what makes it all the way different. Let us help add value to your business with our innovative and effective ABM strategies.

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