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Leverage previous behavioral data in order to create your own account list.

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A focused approach B2B marketing to target
best-fit accounts and turn them into customers

Assume a world where you could begin the sales process by selling directly to your best-fit, highest-value accounts. No more squandering time marketing and selling to unqualified prospects that aren’t a good fit for your company. As a result, you’ll be able to jump right into engaging and delighting your target accounts.

All of this is achievable therefore to account-based marketing. Account-based marketing is a targeted strategy to B2B marketing in which marketing and sales teams collaborate to discover and transform best-fit accounts into customers. ABM enables marketing and sales teams to work together from the beginning to drive long-term business success, delight customers, and raise profits.

ABM Attributes

Identifying Target Accounts

We focus on best-fit accounts to develop effective marketing communication strategies.

You’re getting thousands of website visitors, but you’re not getting enough leads! What’s the point then? It’s a regular occurrence, but in order to attract potential customers, you’ll need to improve your marketing techniques.

Our account-based marketing team at Pangea targets accounts based on professional demographics and online characteristics. We create target accounts and nurture them with relevant content, conversations, and contextual marketing.

Strategy Implementation

We create a strategy that helps in discovering the areas affected by organizational growth and with the best profit-making potential

Strategies help in discovering the areas affected by organizational growth and thereby help in developing an organizational plan to cater to customer needs.

Pangea understands the requirements of your business. Based on the present position and past performance of your business, we develop the strategy to establish a bridge between a brand and its consumers.

Converting Prospect into Sales

We forward data after acquiring and authenticating the information to make sure it may convert into sales.

Our tailored content assists a company in establishing online authority, generating brand interest, and providing really useful information to its target audience. Using the Content Syndication service, we engage targeted accounts with content.

Our email and telemarketing services boost the number of interactions with your prospects, allowing you to achieve more business.

Account-Based Marketing Approach

Secure ABM Alignment

One of the most paramount Account-Based Marketing initiatives is to ensure organizational ABM alignment. This entails obtaining buy-in from all internal stakeholders on the various aspects of your account-based marketing plan. It will be better for your company to provide consistent experiences for customers and ensure that your approach is as effective and streamlined as possible if you do so.

Identify Ideal Set of Target Accounts

We design a workflow that classifies incoming qualifying leads into ideal client types in our CRM based on particular criteria such as company size, industry, and so on. We choose target accounts based on a certain industry or geographic region, as well as lighthouse accounts to serve as a point of reference. We like to limit sales reps to no more than ten accounts.

Attract Contacts from High-quality Accounts

We acquire members of our target accounts' buying committees and stakeholders. We may or may not already have connections for individual accounts, depending on how long somebody has been in business and any past ABM work done. Personalizing content for high-quality accounts is the key to enticing them; this will help us raise brand recognition and increase relevance among audience members.

Strong Relationships with Buying Committee

This is something our team will most likely work on for a long time - in fact, developing these ties can take months or even years. Consider this approach to be one of gratifying your accounts - the practice of delighting never ends. When feasible, we prefer to speak one-on-one with buying committee members to make them feel as though they are our only concern.

Analyze ABM Results

We may discover any gaps or aspects of our approach that need to be improved by examining and analyzing all ABM findings. This helps us to improve the effectiveness of our plan for your company, marketing and sales teams, and accounts. We monitor and measure our ABM outcomes based on several factors such as deal creation, account penetration, account engagement, deal-to-close time, net-new revenue, and percent of contracts closed.

ABM Highlights

  • While nominating potential accounts, we focus on clarifying your high-value, high-intent market, as well as creating a checklist of data points that you want to see a rise in.
  • Rather than performing a sales presentation, we prefer to address the client’s concerns with a proper solution.
  • Our sales and marketing teams work together to discover target clients, build the first connection, interact with them to nurture leads and convert them into customers and provide after-sales support.
  • We infuse relevance and context in all the communication.