Account Based Marketing

What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

Account-Based Marketing is one of the marketing strategies which allows the marketers to concentrate their sales and marketing on a set of defined accounts instead of targeting the industry or market as a whole. It is very much trending these days. Today’s marketers find it way too much convenient than any other means of marketing.

How is it so important?

Account-based marketing tends to align marketing and sales together. It focuses more on building a relationship with those prospects who are more likely to buy your products and services through personalized campaigns. These days buyers demand and pay respond more to personalized approach and ABM delivers it the best. In short, ABM tends to target the high-value accounts and the key audience only instead of targeting the market or the industry as a whole. It gives a high return on investment since it is cost-effective and saves your time and energy as well.

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Why Pangea Global services?

Business and success start with clear communication between the marketers and sales representatives. We at Pangea global Services tend to bring and align these two together with our strategic account-based marketing strategies. We are very much clear about our goals. We provide our clients and their clients with better customer experience so that they can achieve the highest in business.

What really sets us apart?

These days buyers are more rational. Hence we tend to target only those accounts or profiles who are more likely to try your products and services. We understand the requirements of you as well as your clients appropriately and thus keeping this in mind we design our account-based marketing strategy

How do we do that?

Our ABM team always seeks to deliver you the best through our personalized campaigns as per your business specifications

  • Target – It is said shooting in the dark is never victorious. We define our target audience first of all and then we focus on nurturing them through personalized emails and campaigns and thus finally providing you with qualified prospects who can be put into your sales funnel effortlessly.
  • Mapping – Why are we supposed to map our target audience? The answer to this question is to know our audience more efficiently and effectively. In short, to understand their needs better which will help you to provide more qualified leads and business.
  • Personalization – It can do wonders. Research has shown customers tend to respond more to a personalized approach. Good engaging content with personal is likely to attract more customers. Keeping this in mind, we plan our campaigns and drive in your potential customers.

Target the Market

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