Appointment Setting

In this dynamic world of marketing and sales, capturing your target audience at the right time and with the appropriate tools has always been the key to success. B2B appointment setting not only saves time and energy but also tends to drive down your cost to a great extent. Appointment setting is a process or a type of service which requires setting up appointments between a company and it’s potential prospects. But generating appointments can turn out to be hectic at times as just simply picking up the phone and performing cold calls without any sort of good strategy is pointless and are never really going to help you in a long run.Therefore, outsourcing your appointment setting process is very much required.This not only just eliminates the time and energy which is incurred by you to hire and train an inside appointment setting team but also reduces cost. The Return on Investment is extraordinarily high. Our appointment setting team is highly focused, smooth talkers, do not sound like a salesperson, highly motivated and are good at organizing, planning and prioritizing. At Pangea global services, our team mainly focuses on two crucial appointment setting techniques:

  • B2B Telemarketing – Telemarketing is something which your business cannot live without especially when you belong to a highly competitive market. This method is very much useful to reach out and generate qualified prospects via calls. At Pangea Global Services, our telemarketing team mainly focuses on the product and the targeted audience who shows an interest to buy the product. We focus on building rapport and educating our prospects. Our agents identify who they want to target as per the specifications mentioned by our clients and thereby defining the strategy, taking the follow-up, approaching and convincing the prospects. This is how we build our credibility among our existing and future clients.
  • Email marketing– It is one of the most widespread and effective tools used in B2B marketing to generate leads. At Pangea Global Services, our email marketing team is specialized to create relevantly,customer-focused content using target market data, research common questions and problems that the audience may tend to ask. Highlighting product or services as a feasible business solution that addresses the business needs is what our entire email marketing process is all about. Our well-thought email marketing strategy will give your business a real boost.

By outsourcing your appointment setting service to us at Pangea Global Services, we with our multiple innovative strategies tend to deliver you the best of our services

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