Deliberate about qualified sales lead generationand appointment setting camping for your business? Then, here is the best method for it…

Business Telemarketing is one of the most reliable Lead generation processes to generate qualified sales leads. There are many other ways as well to work for marketing lead but you should take this channel and work with the professional telemarketers into consideration. Because when it comes to reaching out the prospects telemarketing is the best choice, as it helps to create a bond with the prospects, it helps to reach the clients who are in a distant place, also it is helpful for multiple industries either it is large or small.

The best part about the telemarketing is that it’s not compulsory to hire employees for your own. Outsourcing is another option to get your work done successfully. For example, you can get outsource your leads with the best lead generation company. 

Telemarketing is one of the oldest lead generating tool and the major reason for its long existence and great resulting is “SALES’ which is done only through the conversation with the prospects. We all know that every business is different due to which, I believe that there are various criteria to generate strong and qualified leads which are as follows:

  • Confirm budget.
  • Urgency and timeline of purchasing.
  • Role of prospect in the process of decision making.
  • Size of opportunity.
  • Motive to buy product or services.

10 stages to convert your prospects into leads and schedule an appointment for top B2B lead generation companies:

One: It is very important to make a plan by studying the needs and demands of the prospects. Also understanding the market plays a crucial role to decide the offers for better sales.

Two: Before making calls, it is important to think and behave that you are meeting the prospect in person and smile should be on your face while talking to them as shows in your voice.

Three: In starting it is important to present the offers in such a creative way that develops prospect’s interest in it and then offering it in such a way that they cannot refuse it.

Four: In this step conversion of prospects into leads is done. You need to empathize with their objections in such a way that shows you really want to help them and this is you’re the reason to call them.

Five: We all know that prospects do not entertain at all, but it is important to engage them in a conversation and try to tell them about the new trending product or services so that they listen and develop an interest in it.

Six: It is not important that you know all the answers to the questions asked by the prospects, there can be a time when you don’t know and in that situation, it is important, to be honest with your prospects and admitting your lack of knowledge. And ask to get back to them once you get its right answer.

Seven: In starting, prospects will have “n” numbers of objections and reasons to say “NO”, but you should never give up and try to convert it into “YES”.

Eight: Once prospect is interested, but due to other meetings they are busy then in that case you should take the initiative and ask for the time they can be available at and then schedule the meeting according to that. But it is important to accommodate their needs fast.

Nine: Usually prospects are not interested in listening to the things which are not benefiting them. So, instead of offering them useless details you should focus on their interest and offer them those products and services which can make their lives easier.

Ten:  It is important to confirm the schedule before closing because it helps in prevention from confusion and shows your responsive behavior. And in the end, do not forget to thank them for their precious time.


In the end, all I’ll say is, by keeping these steps in mind and following it in the process of your telemarketing B2B lead generation. You will be able to convert your prospects into leads. Because at the end telemarketing is all about execution and managing the terms with the prospects and developing their interest by convincing them.

Written by:
Himani Kathal

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