What is Social Media Optimization?

The short form of Social Media Optimization is “SMO”, also known as ‘Search Marketing Optimization’. The term refers to the website adaption process for the improved mentation of design, online communities, attractiveness, visibility of social media, and other methods to generate new links and bring more traffic. 

It is an integrated methodology of digital marketing that represents the perfect relationship between Search Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Media Optimization (SMO) is majorly designed to resolve and address the critical issues of customers and to interact with them online as this is the “Internet Age” where you cannot avoid the online existence of the customers.

Why is Social Media Optimization Important?

The major reason for the importance of Social Media Optimization in the business is to share and keep relevant and shareable content for the better ranking in the search engine which will drive more traffic and create a strong social media presence of the website.

Five major reasons explain the importance of Social Media Optimization systematically:

  1. Drive More Traffic, without extra investment.
  2. Improves search engine ranking by optimizing data from various social media.
  3. Ensure a strong presence of brand by creating internet authority on the web by recall, branding, and improving brand visibility.
  4. Social media optimization helps to generate relevant leads.
  5. Increase the reach to the customers through various accessibility like– audio, mobile, and video.

Benefits of Social media optimization

There are five major benefits of social media optimization which we should know before doing it:

  1. It provides you top search engine ranking by collecting a good amount of backlinks.
  2. It helps to target the specific type of audience based on their gender, interests, location, and age, etc. which provides benefits to your business.
  3. It helps to create awareness about the brand, product, and services provided through social networking sites and it is a good platform for advertisement.
  4. It takes very little time to create visibility, profitability, and popularity on social sites through social media optimization.
  5. It is a low-cost method as it is profitable in both the terms i.e. Money and Traditional method.

The Five Rules of SMO

There are just five rules of Social Media Optimization that you need to keep in mind before performing it. So that you can do the proper utilization of this process and can earn good traffic to the site, can create awareness, and can earn a good profit:

  1. Shareable Content: It helps to determine the taste and preferences of your audience that they like to visit and like to share on the different platforms of social   media.
  2. Easy Sharing: It provides a variety of buttons and widgets in the site and blog, which helps for bookmarking, recommending, and encouraging sharing.
  3. Engagement of Reward: To look at the best offer, “Tweeting/ Liking” is the place to reward through content or promotional offer.
  4. Sharing the content proactively: To other platforms and partners that include syndicating articles, whose sharing process and format are beyond the central hub.
  5. It encourages Mashup.

Social Media Optimization Services Include:

Several services are included in social media optimization. But the few important services names are mentioned below:

  1. Distribution and writing of online press releases.
  2. Marketing through the blogs.
  3. Select the relevant forum for marketing.
  4. Writing and submissions of articles.

Written by:

Himani Kathal

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