Looking for the best email marketing techniques to get quality results?

Regardless of what your business is!

Or on what stage it is!

Email marketing has been there for a long time and will be there more, as it’s still the most popular mode of communication in the prospects and the current as well as potential customers. It still holds its position from the time of ‘MySpace’ to the time of ‘Facebook’ as its usage is increasing day-by-day. Because for sending thousands of emails and messages in return it gives a high ROI (Return On Investment) in budget-friendly nature. In this blog, you are going to read about the advanced techniques that will help you to increase your subscribers. As once said well! ‘To improve revenue growth it is very important to boost the sales significant’. 

So here are the most advanced techniques of email marketing that you can use for your business.

1.  Segmentation of the audience is an important key for the success of e-marketing as it helps to know the preference and taste of the prospects or clients.

2.   Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and integrating newsletter tool with Google Analytics helps to gather the personalized data of the customer, which helps in the proper segmentation of the customers. 

3.    Using an individual’s name instead of a company’s name helps in increasing the chances of an open rate. You can also use your CEO or any senior manager’s name.

4.    It is proven that now a day’s customers prefer an email that contains mostly images (i.e. three or four) with the text of limited content (i.e. 15 or 20 lines).

5.   The way you frame email is an art that plays a very important role. So if you send the mail individually addressing them, makes them feel special due to which they get attracted to your mail.

6.   Now a day’s mostly people operate their email through their mobile phone, which has increased the ‘open rate’. So your mail must be ‘mobile-friendly’ otherwise the ‘deleting’ chances of getting your email get high.

7.    By sending exclusive ‘subscribers only content’ to your subscribers makes them feel special as they know that the access of this exclusive content is not for everyone.

8.   Try to keep your mail short and crisp as people now a day’s have the habit of skimming through the content, also try to keep the focus on providing the valuable content rather than trying hard to sell in the email.


Maintaining a healthy email marketing relationship with the customers is very crucial now a day. All the techniques discussed above have the proven result of email marketing. And once you are going to apply them you will also see the real change in your email list. So now when you have your advanced technique baggage with you, go and drive more business by personalizing your email. And always stick with what’s working and never stop experimenting.

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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