In business to business market, Cold email outreach is one of the best and cost-effective form to grow customer base and generate revenue. Although, it’s said that cold email is unpopular because it rarely works and the majority of them directly go to the trash can but the medium isn’t a problem. The problem is with the messages, as it is not easy to write cold email outreach they are electronic equivalent, but if you can well-craft message then generating leads will become easier. However, mistaken outreach can hurt the end result, so it’s better before to know and learn what not to do. 

So in this post, my goal is to share the list of mistakes that are identified and can damage the relationship with the customers. So that you can address them or prevent them from happening.

1.      Improper structure formation to the emails.

2.      Lack of super-compelling offer.

3.      When you send them out, then back up for more than one email should be there.

4.      Irregularities in the entire process of automation.

5.      Use of wrong tools.

6.      Use of wrong email subject lines.

7.      Impersonal email content.

8.      Extensive email content.

9.      Trying too hard to sell.

10.  No clearance for a call to action.

11.  Not transmitting a reminder email.

12.  An improper explanation for sending an email.

13.  Instead of hyperlinking, using URLs.

14.  Trying to get replies is too hard.

15.  selecting the wrong audience.

16.      Trying to pitch solutions.

17.      No value-focus on email.

18.      Creation of fancy e-mail.

19.      Devoid e-mail signature.

20.      Long company introduction.

21.      Use of unofficial ID.

22.      Lack of personal greeting.

23.      Getting imperceptibly to the point.

24.      Disregard the process of segmentation.

25.  Aggregating prospects of poor quality data.

26.  Email send to the recipients on their account.

27.  Uncountable per day email messages.

28.  Clickbait or spammy subject line.

29.  The manual process of outreach.

30.  Use one channel to reach the prospect.


In this article, I have covered most of the common b2b email marketing outreach mistakes to be avoided during the time of cold email outreach. As we know that cold email can be a powerful tool to establish contacts, get highly qualified leads, or form a lasting business relationship. As this instrument can easily damage the good name and avert people from you. It helps potential peoples to reach you and vice versa. Few more mistakes are related to data i.e., creation of segmentation, attaining quality data on prospects, use of a personal account to send an email, email to be sent to the corporate email address of recipient’s, sending daily messages more than required, don’t write self-focused copy, and proper use of call-to-action. Hence B2B email outreach doesn’t have to be as painful as cold calling.

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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