Introduction Of Email Blast

The single email sends to an entire email list or a large segment of the email list on a single click at once is known as ‘Email Blast’. These email blasts are also known as mass emails, e-blasts, broadcast emails, b2b email marketing campaigns, and bulk emails. The major target segment of these emails blast is all or most of the contacts present on the mailing list for wider and better reach. Mostly, an email blast is used for sending newsletters and promotional content.

In b2b email marketing, if you want to inform subscribers about new or upcoming special offers, then one of the most efficient and reliable forms of communication is email blast.

Characteristics Of Email Blast

In b2b email marketing segmentation and personalization can be done easily, but that doesn’t mean it should be done all the time. Because sometimes the offers or discount is common that it doesn’t require any kind of bifurcation. As both or all of them would like to know about the ongoing or new features worldwide. These are the four main characteristics of an email blast:

  • Universal appeal for email.
  • It comes with one clear call-to-action plan.
  • Legit subscribers are only legit to receive it.
  • Segmentation of the mailing list cannot be done.

Types Of Email Blast

The ability to send effective and important messages to a large group of subscribers at the same time requires proper email segmentation. Always remember that email blast is not the best practice of email marketing. 

Types of email blasts are totally dependent on the segmentation criteria of email. Usually, the email segmentation is divided into small segments such as buyer frequency, gender, stage in the sales cycle, past purchase, and more. The reason to perform email segmentation is to improve the personalization of business to business email marketing. As it allows a group of subscribers to receive more relevant data. Due to the relevance and personalization of data, it won’t be considered spam which will attract the attention of the subscriber. Majorly segmentation is done into three types:

  • Sales
  • New product
  • Last chance reminder

Formation Of Email Blast

Hyper-personalization is the name of the game when it comes to email marketing tactics in 2021. Rates of the opening are high and the opportunity rate increases which proportionately increases the rate of clicks and number of readers once the personalization is done. So here are the three most important steps to form or write an email blast:

  • Research and segment your audience
  • Use email marketing best practices
  • Test your copy

Transmit An Email Blast

Any free or paid b2b email marketing service provider is helpful to send an email blast. Although to keep the track of each and every campaign of yours, you need to consider an enterprise-grade platform. There are only two most important ways to transmit an email blast

  • Tools to send an email blast
  • Best time to send a blast

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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