2020 has been a terrifying year, with the rise of the ‘Work from Home Telemarketing’ situation for all the employees. People use to say that cold calling is dead, but in this pandemic situation, most of the business rely on cold calling method for successful calling up prospects and to generate revenue. Many of us have found that this method is tricky to work with. But in this pandemic situation, many things have changed in this  telemarketing method.

I have put together 8 tips of our best cold calling and b2b sales to close more deals.

1.       Great First Impression:

Do your homework and already know about who they are and how you can help them. Try to be clear and confident for those 10 seconds of your  outbound sales calls, because the first impression is the last impression, and second chance never comes.

2.       Don’t Sound Like A Robot:

Try to avoid speaking like a monotone  teleservices person. As monotones never keep their clients waiting and they always attend their clients as they are there the first client of the day, even if they are reading the script or there shift is about to end.

3.       Don’t Sound Like A Telemarketer:

Try to sound more genuine by softening your initial approach, and making the conversation more interesting for better flow. Try to be more relaxed, comfortable, calm, and, use natural language because prospects don’t respond to stiffness, scripted calls, and,  telesales.

4.       Speak Slowly And Take Pause:

When a person tries to read the script or speaks quickly on a  cold call, they end up being rejected because they don’t wait for the prospect’s response. So, speak slowly and try to take a pause while speaking so that prospect understands what you are saying.

5.       Strategies Your Script:

Before you start telemarketing calls, planning and strategizing the sequence and script is important. Because it’s very important to understand the needs and demands of the prospects and then build the strategy around their requirement. So the strategy can be craft deliberate messages, offers, and pitches for a particular audience.

6.       Remain Relevant And Informed:

In b2b telemarketing, before making a call to a prospect or a company it is very important to know their sound working and knowledge. So that you can understand the challenges and problems faced by them and according to that you can suggest solutions.

7.       Relevant Timing:

One of the best telesales tips is ‘Timing’. It’s very important to make the calls on a relevant time because timing is something in which 50% of your success and failure rate are dependent. For example: if you call right after and before lunch, then that’s the best time because most prospects are free at that time.

8.       Respect Prospects Timing:

In tele-marketing, it’s very important to be valuable in the first few seconds of the conversation, and try to keep your pitch short and informative, because in cold calling you are interrupting in their timing, and if you won’t sound interesting and valuable the chances of getting your call being hung up increases.


Clearly, the above mentioned are the basic tips to improve your b2b cold calling results. Therefore, these are the skills that will take some time to show the results as changes cannot be seen overnight, but once it’s done you will be glad to see the results. Also, you need to keep a positive and resilient attitude towards the rejections, as it is never possible to convert 100% of your leads.

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