What do you think, is b2b telemarketing still an effective way of marketing?


It may surprise you to imbibe that despite, the doubtful reputation it is still considered one of the most powerful ways to generate new leads and close the sales, only at the time when it is done thoughtfully and respectfully.

When we talk about b2b telemarketing then, convincing a prospect to listen isn’t a challenge (about the service or product) but the challenging part is following-up to drive a conversion. In b2b telemarketing, follow-up calls are possible only when you establish a relationship with the leads or target audience because follow-up calls happen when there is flinch rolling of the sales cycle and implementation of follow-up call strategy transpire only when it is well planned.

Hence, these b2b telemarketing strategies ensure that telemarketers do not waste their time on wrong or uninterested leads from their customer lists. Despite all flaws, b2b telemarketing helps to reach both the goal simultaneously i.e. targeting the audience and gathering their valuable information.

In this post, we will discuss a few effective follow-up strategies that enhance conversion to ensure a stabilize workflow and, attain the desired result it is recommended to follow effective strategies of b2b telemarketing.

A.     There is an increase in the result of direct mailing by the use of telemarketing lists. There is an increment of response from 2 to 6 times in the telephonic follow-up to a direct mailing, achieved by mail itself.

B.   The use of Ringless Voice Messages is rapidly growing in the b2b industry. This strategy is one of the highest among all other strategies. Taking follow-up in 30 seconds to your next direct mail appeal through voicemail is the ideal media channel.

C.    B2b telemarketing campaign can be used to test the new ideas by changing your offer, or approach. You can use the results to guide your direct mail campaign by tracking the numbers during the telemarketing calls.

D.   Punctuality plays a very important role in b2b telemarketing. If a prospect has given you a particular time and date and is willing to talk to you then maintaining that professional image of you and your organization is very important.

E.  Before setting the call with the prospect, it is very important to know what kind of prospect he/she is. So, that you can completely set the new opportunities. And to gain all the information you can use a different website and social media platforms like LinkedIn, Prospects, etc.

F.   B2b telemarketing helps to keep the prospects aware of the ongoing offers in the provided product and services. Integrating direct mail with telemarketing help to maximize the results. By doing this, you’ll be giving the reminder call to the prospect which will be warm rather than cold.

G. B2b telemarketing helps to increase the sales from distance without giving any physical presence. Also, it helps to save additional costs like money on fuel and gas, useless time spends on traveling from one place to another.

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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