Have you been on the internet? Filled forms? Put up information on websites like Google or Facebook? Well then, this is data. Data is any piece of information you can get a hold of. The internet is the largest source of accumulating this vast and ginormous data.

Have you ever used Google (or any other search engine)? What happens when you search for anything on the internet? You get a lot of information from a lot of sources. And these sources come together to bring you what we call data.

Now imagine you want to find out what each user of Amazon buys. So you are now dealing with a bulk of data. As amazon has billions of users worldwide. This bulk of data comprises of big data.

Big data is basically a huge amount of information which can be processed to analyses and make smart decisions. How is it helpful for smart decisions you ask? Let us see an example below.

Let’s say Phil has a new shampoo he has developed. That he wants in the market. And he plans on using amazon as a platform to get it out there to the world.

Now knowing that his product is new. He wants to market it and make tons of profit. So he plans on advertising it. Now Phil will hire a data analyst to break down this big data. And realize whom he wants to target as a potential buyer.

So firstly, the analyst will make sure that the data being studied is just for shampoos. Next he will set a parameter for people who use different shampoos; as most people might just stick to their regulars. Next the analyst makes a criterion of the ingredients of the shampoo to further classify the engaged audience. And then hand over this finalities list to Phil.

So basically, the huge amount of data accumulating almost a billion plus users. Is now reduced to a few hundred thousand. Which substantially reduces Phil’s marketing costs.

Big data does not necessarily have to just be a huge database. It could be a keyword found via a search engine. For example, if you search “butter”; you get a huge amount of results for the word. Pictorial, video, text, gif, etc. So, you can categories each type under a different data set.

Search engines work on the same principle. They look for these keywords amongst all the data accumulated on their servers. And then give results for them when searched for online.

Analysis of Big Data is one of the most sought-after technologies being looked at by companies as they can reveal an 97% accurate projection of the company. And also help in search engine optimizations for building a better website without having to overspend in marketing. Thus, making the company more profitable.

To conclude. Big Data, as the name suggests; is just a really really big set of data which can be useful for commercial and governmental applications for better results. It is a set of everything there is on the internet right from the IP Address to your order on an online portal.

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