What is an Email Marketing Campaign?

One of the most effective, efficient, and targeted ways to reach an audience is the ‘Email Marketing Campaign’. If we follow the process properly, then it is one of the most powerful tools in the marketing mix.

A coordinated set of individual email messages, with one specific purpose or calls-to-action (sign up for a website, download a white paper, or making a purchase) gets deployed across a specific period is known as ‘Email Marketing Campaign’. 

The most intoxicant feature of an email marketing campaign is its flexibility. A compelling campaign refers to the targeting of individuals or a group of people by segregating the audience into specific lists, and by modifying the content. This content modification increases engagement, ROI, and helps the reader to read and understand the content and fall in love with the brand.

Importance of Email Campaigns

An email campaign is one of the most dynamic forms of marketing; whether you are from B2B or a B2C business you can still take full advantage of it. Majorly, email is used for business purposes by the professionals for better communication with their customers. Also, it provides the opportunity to interact directly with the customer in their convenient time that helps to build a relationship with the past, current, and prospective customers. After a lot of comparison and research from other forms of marketing, we have found that ‘the fastest feedback generator’ is an email campaign.

In social media and email, there is just a thin difference i.e. social media gives the feeling of ‘one among the mass’ to the customers whereas, emails make one feel ‘important and special’ through its personal and direct contact. To reach the right audience the process has become easier i.e. customization of emails, tag the recipients, sequence creation, and more personalization. 

Why should I send email campaigns?

One of the most formidable and efficient medium of direct communication between the company and the audience is the email campaign. It helps to increase sales as well as brand image. Some of the reasons for ‘why you should send an email campaign?’ are mentioned below:

  • Emails help in nurturing leads that guide them to eliminate the possible pain points and make the right decision when dealing with the brand.
  • Emails help to keep the customers engage by sharing important and customer-oriented information, showing expertise in their required segment, and offering them exclusive deals.
  • Emails help to collect data about subscribers so that the offer or deal provided to them can be more personalized and the list can be divide and segmented. Hence, it sends more relevant and precise content to each group.
  • Emails help to convert the prospects into consumer buy utilizing the provided personal information. By tracking their interest and recent search and send them a triggered emails which results in an increment in your email as well as sales performance.
  • Emails help to improve business by asking for feedback from the client right after the purchase or regularly. This will help to improve the issues faced by the purchaser. 

Best time to send an email campaign?

Sending an email campaign is dependent on what kind of message does, topic contains. Also, the second most important thing is what type of audience you are targeting, their lifestyle, habits, and many more. 

Usually, the best days to send the email campaign are considered:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

And the best hours are:

Around 6 A.M. because most people have the habit of checking their mail box as they wake-up in the morning.

Around 10 A.M. also before starting their work people like to check their mail box.

Around 2 P.M. because people have lunch/coffee breaks, so after that, they again check their mail box.

Around 8 P.M. to midnight because people like to check and read their mail box before going to sleep.

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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