If done right — Email Marketing can be fascinating for your business.

It may amaze you, but sending emails comes with various rules and regulations. 

With all that said sending emails is an extremely fun game, but if you aren’t aware of the regulations and break anti-spam law, then you have to face serious problems that will affect your marketing capabilities.

If you are still maintaining your attention, then I would like you to know more about this.

Nailing subject line, personalizing content are a few topics that are covered under the best practice of email marketing. But it is important to keep track of regulations for proper flow of marketing.

Here are the rules and regulations that you need to keep in mind before you start email marketing so that you  stay within those boundaries:

1) Always research what kind of prospects are expecting emails, and do not send emails to those who are not expecting them.

2) The database is the pillar of the email marketing campaign; hence it is very important to keep it updated so that if someone is not interested in receiving your emails then you can stop sending them.

3) Choose the appropriate tone to communicate with the user in the form of a customer by keeping in mind what kind of relationship you want to maintain.

4) It is very important to create a clear identity so that customers can identify you at their first glance. And this identification can be from anything like the sender’s name, image, logo, links, and other elements.

5) A quick analysis of the database is important as there is a continuous change in the strategies that need to be understood and adopted on time as it helps to ensure the effectiveness of email marketing operations.

6) The first step in email marketing is segmenting the audience into a homogeneous group, according to the available database, perception related to the brand and there buying habits 

7) To create a sense of trust and reinforcing messages ‘Virtual Identity’ it is very important. Also, ensuring that all your messages are supported in different devices like mobile, email client, and webmail providers.

8) Most of the marketing emails should be done during the ‘off hours’ as it receives more response during the ‘off-hours’ because at that time prospects are not juggling with their daily emails.

9) It is very important to make the first 20 words attractive with the time sent, the sender, and the subject line as it helps prospects to decide whether he/she wanted to subscribe or not. 

10) Test open rate, test response, and test conversion rate with the combination of the variant subject line by tracking which response is converted into purchase help to analyze the needs and taste of prospects.

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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