With the new year 2021, it’s time to start looking ahead by setting a dedicated target of annual series blogs for the marketing trends. Unpredictable things are increasing outside the marketing world.

Rewind back to 2020, things have been hard-pressed for everyone in every term. Things were about to unfold to find anybody capable of predicting the decade.

However, we are lucky about predicting more on marketing trends, in particular, and digital trends. With the help of all these technologies, the amount of data we have at our fingertips allows us to analyze which tactics, technologies, and tools are working and which are becoming less effective.

Social media and search are booming now a day, still, email serves up a different set of benefits that other media streams struggle to match, but you need to be prepared for horizon development.

Top 4 Email Marketing Trends 2021

                    I.            Accessibility

Most of the email marketers see accessible email design as a daunting task, due to the simplification process of reader and marketer alone by the emergence and improvement of assistive technologies.

According to ‘Litmus’ research, 13.4 second is the average attention span for an email, 250 to 300 words per minute can be read by the average adult reader and 50 words are the ideal length of coping an email. Following tips are the expert’s recommendation from Litmus:

·        A shorter sentence should be used

·        Avoid difficult words and limit people

·        For a global audience, localize content

                 II.            User-generated content

Any form of content (image, visual, text, and audio) created by the product’s end-user is defined as ‘User-generated Content’. In many other marketing channels, a user generates content that drives real-time engagement with prospects and brand evangelists.

Conversation improvement via. direct authenticity by email marketing promotion helps the customer to contribute, incentivizing, and motivation the content. With the efforts of email marketing, it’s easier to gather user-generated content instantly.

A good place to put effort and start gathering feedback by knowing how, why, and when by the customer. And in the end, understanding ‘how, why, and when’ is one of the most important aspects for consumers.

                 III.            Automation

In email automation, major advancement was sawed in the last decade but in the next decade, change can be seen in the entire channel. An increase in the customization, accessibility, and performance is lead by ‘Smarter Automated Segmented’.

The burden of email marketers and trim costs can be ease by the automation of reports that leads to an increase in ROI in an already ROI- positive channel. Freeing up resources for other channel optimization and A/B testing / multivariate testing are able to support better by the platforms.

The way towards improved digital experience for customer and marketer increases the integration between marketing cloud services that leads to the ‘single customer view’.

               IV.            Responsive interactivity

It is possible to make 2021 the first year in which more emails are opened on a mobile device than a laptop/desktop. Most mobile users may delete the email if it’s not optimized, so to stay current it’s more beneficial to take a multi-device responsive approach.

Some of the interactive elements of email heading in 2021 includes:

·        Calls-to-action and animated buttons

·        To showcase the effects of product offering ‘Rollover’ is required

·        Product carousels control and interactive image required by the user

·        For more long-form emails compact features are designed

·        Interactive content for user-generated, polls, and surveys

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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