What Is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the process of sending commercial messages through email to the target audience in the form of direct marketing by electronic mode. From the birth of the Internet, e-marketing has been around for decades and has become one of the most effective channels and essential tool for business.

In 1978, Gary Thuerk was person to send the first marketing email blast to 400 recipients for the promotion of his company’s product,  which result in the sale of $ 13 million and became the highest used marketing channels even to this day.

And in this blog I am going to explain Email Marketing: What, Why, When, and How?

Why Do Email Marketing?

Email Marketing helps to build trust and relationships with customers over the period of time to convert them into repetitive or permanent customers. Also, it helps to update customers about new products and services.

In today’s busy schedule people like to get the information online, as going out and looking for deals is not something prospect want.

Ø  Cost In comparison to other  marketing channels, email marketing is CHEAP. There are no two ways of doing it because if you do it by yourself or you hire an agency, it is going to cost you the same. 

Ø  Success  To get success in email marketing you just need to know the right trick. Targeting the interested or ideal prospects can bring more traffic with a  cost-effective method.

Ø  Measurability and Flexibility  It is easy to keep the response track of the customers with the analytical tools available in the market. These  marketing tools give you the information that your campaign is working or not, according to which further decision can be taken to improve it.

When To Use Email Marketing?

Some of the most used ways of email marketing are as follows:

Ø Building relationships through personalized engagement.

Ø Always keep your company and services on top of mind before your prospects are ready to engage.

Ø To promote or share the relevant blog, content, or use assets with your prospects email.

Ø To generate leads attract prospects to subscribe to email for valuable information for the exchange of personal information.

Ø For marketing of product and service email is used.

Ø Nurturing of leads should be done to help the customers to accomplish their goals successfully.

How To Do Email Marketing?

To run the successful email marketing six steps need to be followed:

First Step: Set your goals.

Second Step: Create the targeted email list.

Third Step: Understand the needs and demands of the customers.

Fourth Step: Prepare the convincing email content.

Fifth Step: Choose the appropriate email marketing service tool.

Sixth Step: Create a schedule to take follow-ups.

Final Thoughts

This blog contains all the basic information related to email marketing and has clearly explained that this channel is worth exploring and spending regardless of your business model or industry. As it helps to connect with your potential customer by sharing the relevant information which builds the trust of customers and grows the revenue.

Hope this blog has answered every question of yours.

Hope you enjoyed reading it.

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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