What Is Content Syndication?

Content syndication is a process or a technique of re-publishing or pushing an exact copy of already published content, blog post, article, infographic, and videos, or any piece of web-based content by a third party who will share your content on their website. Content syndication is also known as web syndication or link building.

In content syndication, republishing of content is completely dependent on the preference of ‘how you choose to republish the content’ that can be the only title, entire piece, or a small opening portion. The main aim to syndicate the content is to attract the readers with attractive and valuable data. So that they start consuming content of your site by clicking through the blog post. Hence, it’ll create more opportunities, the authority that can be expanded and which will expertise to more people.

Why Syndicate?

The major reason to consider syndication is that it helps you to get exposure to another website’s audience. It’s important to syndicate your growing business to other people’s audiences especially to the sites that have higher authority and have a relevant audience than your site. By doing this sort of exposure will bring obvious reputation and visibility.

When To Syndicate?

Syndicating every piece of content from your site is not a good idea because this idea can lead the interest of prospects to downwards. As they won’t be able to find the unique content in your website when visited. This means that you have to decide what and when (time and place) to syndicate like ‘What content do you syndicate?’ and ‘How much of your content do you syndicate?’.

How To Syndicate Safely

When syndication of content is done at that time duplication of content is possible, until and unless you handle it with the correct and cautious procedure. This won’t create any problem or confusion for the search engines. Here are the 4 ways to avoid these kinds of problems:

  • Direct attribution link
  • Rel=canonical
  • Screw it, do it anyway
  • No index

Types Of Content Syndication

Multiple forms of content syndication are completely dependent on the types of content, rules of republishing, and displaying method of republished content. Therefore, here is the list of some of the different type of content syndication which is common among the businesses are as follows:

  • Inbound syndication
  • Paid syndication
  • Outbound syndication
  • Unpaid syndication

The Benefits Of Content Syndication

There are tangible business benefits of syndicate rather than getting more eyeballs on content. Here are the top 2 benefits of content syndication like getting email subscribers, building brands, and getting referral traffic.

A.   Get referral traffic

Some websites provide original source links to the content that they republish, which helps the reader to reach out to the original content site. And if the reader likes your content from your syndicated page, they will contact you by clicking through your website to read more content. In this way, you can generate tons of traffic from syndicated content.

B.   Build your brand

When you start to syndicate your content on various sites, people start seeing your brand and its name consistently on an authoritative site this creates a halo effect on the reader’s mind. So, they start to see you in an authoritative position. Hence, when your brand starts appearing in exposure effect, people will start buying your product in the future.

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Himani Kathal

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