For B2B Marketing, the term ‘lead generation’ and ‘lead nurturing’ is in constant use. But usually, people make a mistake in understanding the difference and think that these terms are interchangeable. 

But let me tell you, if you don’t know the difference between these two terms then you are in the right place. I’m going to clear all your concepts, whether working with one in the market helps to achieve the goal or both have to work together.

Before moving further, here are the questions that I have covered in this article…

Which is the best process for B2B demand generation companies?

Where we should spend our marketing efforts on… ‘to generate new marketing lead or nurturing the existing ones’?

Let’s get started now.

What Is Lead Generation?

A person who shows interest in your company is ‘lead’ for the company. ‘Lead Generation’ is the process of attracting that person’s attention who showed the interest and ushering him to the sales funnel.

There are 2 ways for B2B lead generation

Inbound lead generation:

It brings visitors to the website and converts them into leads. It centers on internal marketing strategies like websites, social media, blogs, and SEO.

Outbound lead generation:

Sending messages out at a target audience, regardless of the interest of the audience to the related content. It centers on outbound marketing strategies like advertising and email marketing.

What Is ‘Lead Nurturing’?

Lead Nurturing is the process of flourishing a healthy relationship with the leads at every stage of the sales process with the intention of converting them into potential and loyal customers. It focuses more on qualified leads and leads generation strategies by investigating what the consumer is looking for and addressing those needs through communication and marketing efforts.

Lead Generation V/S Lead Nurturing

The on the beat of subtle elements clearly state that to encourage the leading result the  B2B lead generation idea is to figure with each the terms (lead generation and lead nurturing) along. As they got to work together, in order that they can’t be used interchangeably. For all the new leads, Lead nurturing is vital to form the lead generation valuable, because creates a healthy relationship with customer for better sales.

If you need more satisfaction and balance from the time and efforts you have spent to get the Best B2B lead then you need to work together with both the terms.

The moral of the story: never ignore either of these two strategies, as they have the same goal i.e. ‘to generate more revenue/high ROI’ for the company.


Overall, Lead generation and Lead nurturing go hand in hand. As your customers and leads changes as your marketplace changes. You can say that lead nurturing have more weight than a lead generation because it focuses on the customers with genuine potential, as compare to find new leads.

Looking forward to better lead generation strategies for your business, kindly get in touch with us. Till then keep reading.

Written by:
Himani Kathal

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