Marketing automation is the real talk of the business these days. It is changing the way you do marketing, promote and do business. Now, what is exactly Marketing automation? Why does your business require it? It is software or a technology that enables your business to specifically and effectively target customers with automated marketing messages across various multiple channels of communication such as emails, phone texts, websites and social media in an attempt to attract and generate leads to finally converting them into your paying customers.

What is the hype all about?

Lately, it has become a must-to-have for a modern marketing team. Marketers these days tend to prefer it to any other means of marketing.

Starting from lead generation to finally conversion of sales, businesses are earning a good amount of revenue through adopting it. It is a better and smarter way to do business. According to research, 67% of the marketers are more likely to use a marketing automation platform, with 87% of top-performing companies are using this technology. With the support of Marketing automation companies are empowering their sales team with better leads and hence gaining a higher return on investment (ROI) and increase in growth and productivity.

marketing automation and increased roi

How does it really work?

Gone are the days when marketers used to have a truckload of time-consuming responsibilities of marketing and sales roles. Marketing automation has arrived as a saviour and substitute for adequately performing those responsibilities. It is a set of tools that have been designed to focus and simplify those tasks for your business. This strategy has been innovated as such that it lets you not to have to press the “Send” button to every campaign rather it allows you to target the right audience, prepare and design the right content and automatically trigger actions based on the behaviour of your consumers. It helps in targeting the appropriate audience for your business and finally converting them into your revenue-generating customers.

The contrast it carries from traditional marketing.

Marketing is that important part of your business which you can never afford to ignore. Traditional marketing is that conventional mode of marketing that has been used ever since the concept of advertisement came into existence. The mode for promoting the brands includes newspapers, radio, magazines, television, telephones. Whereas in this era of digitization, Marketing automation helps to connect the business through the World Wide Web. Here, the mode for promoting your products or services includes email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing etc. It, undoubtedly, saves your time and energy. Besides, it is cost-effective.

Is it really worth your business?

Yes, it forces you to do business more strategically. With the assistance of this, you can set up a goal from lead generation to finally converting those into sales. It reduces marketing costs also. But at times it might be a risk to your business as well since it allows you to communicate with your customers too frequent. Too much of messaging can often turn your customers off. Companies also need to understand when customers want to hear from them. So, if you and your business are considering a Marketing automation solution then you need to make sure that you understand what you are really looking up for.


Businesses today hugely rely on lead generation as it enables to increase your sales and thus generating more growth and revenue for the company. Marketing automation helps in managing every marketing task in detailed from sending emails to managing complex campaigns. It can simply do the work of a huge number of employees. Hence reducing a good amount of your cost.

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