Content syndication is the process where one or more third-party sites re-publish an exact copy of web-based content like – Video, Blog post, Info-graphic, Article, and more, whose original content is published elsewhere.

It is kind of “Barter Arrangement” where there is no exchange of money but the content creator gets a boost to their organic traffic, social media platform, website, and other channels by receiving backlinks, free exposer, and publicity of their website and the third party receives relevant and free content for their site.

Steps To Get Started With Content Syndication

To get started you need to keep, three simple content syndication strategy steps in your head:

Step 1: Content creation should be great:

As we know that: “Content is King”, So to get the real advantage of Syndication it is important to create noteworthy and groundwork content because for publication the “Lack of Free Content” is not the issue but the issue is to get the “Relevant Content”. Therefore, for advertising purposes, money can be made with the help of publications.

For example, the views on the page increase the revenue for advertising increases.

Step 2: Collection of the potential syndicate:

As you understand that there is no lack of free content but of great content and built a good reputation in the field of content creation. The next step will be to find the sites that are willing to republish and ready to provide content syndication services.

Following are the few ways to find them:

        A.Proper use of Google:

There are more chances of getting publish of your republished content, only if other syndicated content is with publications.

Using a few similar phases, articles can be linked back to the original articles by these publications:

  • Permission to republish
  • Appeared originally on
  • Published originally on

To find the syndication opportunities it is better to take advantage of Google search operations by combining phrases to it.

To find authoritative and relevant site in a short time, where you want to syndicate content, you can install “AHREF’s SEO TOOLBAR” where you can find all the information related to it.

For example, Finding the site where the content is republished before, you need to enter the data in this format: “Originally Appeared On + {Topic}”.

If you have few publications in your mind to publish your syndicated content, but you are not sure they are going to publish it or not? Then this can figure out by researching the “Footprint + Site: Domain.Com”.

        B.Proper use of Explorer Sites:

Start researching different sites for syndicate content and if you find a couple of sites publishing syndicated content of different author’s then there are chances that it many syndicates in different places too. And to find these sites you need to follow a few steps:

  • Go to the “Ahref’s” site Explorer and paste the Author’s Site.
  • Backlinks will get generate and then go to the “Backlink Report” option.
  • Then one “Include” box will appear, enter any footprints in it.
  • Now, your target domain, sites will be highlighted that have already republished the content.
  • You can list down the entire sites which you find suitable and relevant to syndicate your content.

        C.Extend and Negotiate:

  • Firstly, find out the “Name” and “Email Address” of the editor or website owner.
  • Then contact and send them your proposal for “content syndication marketing”.
  • And if they agree then research on what kind of content syndication services do they provide because different journalists work on different topics and do content syndication marketing.

Written by:
Himani Kathal

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