When one is in the position of being a sales representative or manager, sales productivity is the main thing on your radar. It is the major factor in the performance of the business and the  overall health of the business. Sales productivity can be measured by the rate of sale increment in the revenue of a company. If you want to increase your impact of sales productivity, one focus should be completely undivided when it comes to time management. The higher a representatives time management skills are, the better he is at selling and making life long and warm bonds with his clients and prospective leads.  Maintaining these relations is the key factor in a company’s longevity. Keeping a track of the time you spend with clients face to face, emailing and planning future meets, leaves you with a more sound picture of the rate of your sales productivity. It is of utmost importance to keep in  mind  on the actual time you spend on selling. Or else, as a sales head you must keep a check of your company mates metrics to get a hold of how they can utilize their time and become more productive.

Here are few techniques which ensure that our leads transform into clients.

Research your customers- The product or service that you are offering is obviously in the market due to a specific  reason and you want the world to know what that reason is, but it is first essential that you know your customer. The ball can be completely in your court by taking just a few extra steps. This means doing anything a person can before your meeting to recognize with every minute detail about your prospective client that will actually be a value addition to your main objective. This rule applies for the smallest of observations to the largest of pictures. Find out your customers strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, dreams, goals and reality.  Getting a hold of as much as information before coming face to face with your client will not only boost your own confidence but also get your client on your side and will help build trust for future endeavors.

Sell Ethically, with Integrity- One of the biggest sales killer is over promising and under delivering. Mismanagement of sales at the beginning of your relationship will turn your whole ambition sour very easily. Good honest and direct communication is the basis for any thriving successful relationship. This is the star rule, once an individual has mastered this technique, their business is bound to grow multi folds. But incase one gets this wrong, their business will eventually wither away and die

Use metaphors- Pre planning really helps in this stage, Going over every possible outcome of your meeting, chances are you will have the script memorized even backwards, which in turn allow you to use analogies and metaphors that are relevant to the situation to better put forth your point. You will be giving your clients a clear visualization with the help of your instances and examples.

Actual visualization is Real realization.

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