Content syndication helps to generate inbound leads due to which it’s an amazing tool for demand generation campaigns. Involving the elements and tuning the process with all other things, ensures that the result reaches to its maximum output. According to “Influencer Neil Patel” to syndicate your content you need to follow these three golden rules:

Ø Prepare the correct content

Ø Invest incorrect people

Ø Share it in the correct format

In the below details I have explained the tips that will help to understand this list of golden rules step by step to get success in the content syndication campaign. Here are the following tips to get most out of the content syndication efforts:

Rule Number One:

# Prepare the correct content

1.  It is very important to present the syndicated service that fulfills the requirements or expectations of the audience. Hence, the modification of content according to the requirement of the audience is important. As every audience have their specific/unique content demands like some like to read the content only for the experienced writer while others are interested in watching the videos. And some audience just likes to consume the content only form social media. 

2.   It is very important to specify and clear the goal of the content. As there are some writers and marketers who want to draw more conversation from their content, some just want to increase the visibility of their website, while others are trying to increase the social capital. Hence, identification and clarification of goals are very important which helps to show the correct path to the efforts made.

Rule Number Two:

# Invest incorrect people

  1. It is important to create the data which is valid and not backdated. So that the audience can find the updated facts and figures. By preparing content with updated information helps to build the audience’s trust, accuracy, valuable, and actionable. Also, if the audience won’t be able to figure out any fault in the content they might start sharing the content.
  2. It is important to choose the correct partner for content syndication. Because you cannot write the content with just limited visibility, open-minded visibility is important to furnish the writing skills. Working for the same or less experienced people might affect the writing skills but writing with or writing for the experienced person helps to increase the visibility and skills both. Hence choosing the right partner is important.

Rule Number Three:

# Share it in the correct format

  1. Now-a-days, technology has become advanced people do not need to rely on anyone’s favor to post their content. They can post their content on their own. There are many sites available in which people just need to create their account and can start posting their content and reach to the audience directly.
  2. It is important to review, reevaluate, and update the old content for which RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed plays a major role. Hence, setting up RSS feed helps to keep updated the old content automatically and also by updating the old posted content in the entire posted website. Therefore, RSS feed plays two roles i.e. increasing the value of blogs/websites and making the content more share-worthy.

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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