Introduction to Search Engines

Search Engine helps to identify pieces of web content typed by you in a search bar, through several interlinked mechanisms that work together— website pages, videos, and images, etc. It helps to improve the visibility or show up of their site and content in the search result.

There are 3 basic mechanisms used by the Search engines:

1.  Search algorithms:

To figure out the relevancy of that page for a search term, to determine the relationship between the popularity, quality and rank, result, and web page quality calculations.

2. Web crawlers:

Continuous browse for the new page that web Bots. Collection of the information and hyperlinks by the crawler to hop to the other page and do index a page correctly.

3. Search index:

Association between the page content and keyword terms to keep the organized record of all web pages. It has an index to grade and maintain the quality of content.

Search engines deliver the most reliable and useful results and output to its customers so that they keep coming back again and again. By making money through advertising the search engines make this business sense.


The short form of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is “SEO”. It helps with the practice of an increase in traffic which is of both i.e. quality and quantity through organic search engine results to your website. In other words, Search Engine Optimization helps to improve the rankings of the web pages in the organic search results to get a higher position in the various search engines like ­­— Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. by its proper optimization. As it is the part of the marketing efforts which gives obvious benefits month after month i.e. passive, free traffic to your website. Further, we’ll understand the working of Search Engine Optimization; but firstly, we need to understand how search engines work.


Understanding Search Engine Optimization, we just need to understand its definition properly as all the answers are hidden in it:
  •  Quantity of traffic:
Once you start clicking the right people through search engine results pages (SERPs), you will start getting better traffic.
  • Quality of traffic:
You can bring visitors from all around the world, but if those visitors are coming to your web site just because Google tells them, then those are not genuine visitors. Genuine visitors are those who are interested in the services and products offered by you.
  • Organic results:
An organic result comes from organic search traffic that comes from Search Engine Result Page for which you don’t have to pay for.


Here is the list of all the elements through which Search Engine Optimization works: l. The Elements of On-Site Search Engine Optimization

a.      On-Site Search Engine Optimization Elements consist
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Word Press Use
b.      Some other On-Site Elements
  • Header Tags
  • Internal Links
  • Emboldened Text
  • Image Name and ALT Tags
ll. The Elements of Off-Site Search Engine Optimization (also known as Link Building)
  • Organic Links
  • White-hat Links
  • Black-hat Links
lll. Site Visitors & Search Engines (Content is Important for both) lV. Google Search Engine Optimization Works via Google+ V. Monitor Campaigns of Search Engine Optimization.


Search Engine Optimization helps to make your website awesome as it keeps its focus on every aspect of your website which helps it for the better ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages. Avoid using Black-Hat Search Engine Optimization tricks, which gives negative consequences to the ranking of your website. For long-run benefits keep your users in mind and practice for sustainable Search Engine Optimization. Written by: Himani Kathal

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