For your business, are you in search of various way(s) to generate leads? 

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind, if I refer to social media as a lead generating tool?

I know as a business owner and marketer, you’re in a constant search of a potential customer(s).

We all have used social media to promote our business, to raise brand awareness, to interact, and take consumer’s feedback.


Have you ever thought to generate valid leads from social media?

Probably NOT.

But do you know it requires (s) combination of things to make it successful!

So in this blog, I’ll show you how social media and lead generation work(s) together to ‘GENERATE SOCIAL MEDIA LEADS’…

How Social Media And Lead Generation Work(S) Together?

Before we get started for lead generation, we should be clear about the nitty-gritty usage of social media. We need to know the latter impact of the former.

The major focus should be on ‘WHY’ rather than ‘HOW’.

As I have mentioned above that we all have used social media to interact and be in constant touch with the audience. For this, we need to create audience interest in our brand so that they follow the social media pages like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

On the other hand ‘Together working of Social Media and Lead Generation is the process in which you attract visitors and convert interested individuals into leads by investing time and audience engagement, and by introducing products or services to the customers who are little known or unknown from it’.

What Is Social Media Lead?

Social media lead is a piece of information (like name, occupation, email address, or other details) that someone shares to take follow-up from them regarding the product or services they are interested in.

How To Generate Social Media Leads?

In every stage of the customer lifecycle, Social channel(s) have played a major role in building a relationship with the prospect(s) and customer(s). Therefore, it is all about implementing tactics design of strategic marketing which helps to generate and invite new leads into sales funnel.

Here are the best five ways through which you can generate social media leads:

  • Special Offer(s) – 

We all know that everyone loves freebies, so considering that giving offers on social media will be a great addition. People enjoy sharing these types of a campaign(s) on a social channel(s). Adding entry form to these type of campaign, create great opportunity to collect data of valid leads. And in the end, incorporate the option ‘shared the offer via’ will help to spread the campaign which will help to build a relationship with the customers.

  • Brand Awareness –

To create brand awareness and customer relationships social media is a great platform. Here you can find a good opportunity to generate new leads because people mention/tag each other on social channels.

  • Customer Loyalty –

It is very important to build customer loyalty and social media channels help to maintain it by releasing the quality content and proper engagement over the social media platform(s). 

  • Continuous engagement 

At every stage, social media has become the playground of business for customer engagement as it is the priority, whether they are current customers, potential leads, or you have multiple ways to engage, re-targeting, etc.

  • Reach out to new customers 

The best way to reach out to the new customer is to build an active and constant with the old customers who know you the best. By taking the time to interact and respond to any feedback you receive, you can expand your audience and build stronger relationships, and by sharing relevant content to them.


Once you learn how exactly a lead generation and social media work together, then you can generate valid leads through social media by using various platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. You just need to choose which platform you want to work on with. 

Written by:
Himani Kathal

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