Pick Your Audience

‘Audience’ plays an important role when it comes to content syndication, everything starts and ends on them. ‘What content you choose to post?’, till ‘What will be your cost per leads?’ everything has a big impact on your audience. Therefore, deciding at this stage will give you a result later on, whether the decision was right or wrong.

To expand the business, it’s important to expand the current audience, because picking the right audience is the key to accomplish campaign goals, and this can happen by using specific filters to mirror the best clients. Hence, tight filters will deliver few more expensive and more targeted leads.

Modification Of Content According To The Audience

There are various varieties of audiences, some are readers who like to consume the content from an experienced writer, some like watching videos, and then there are some who just like to consume the content from other platforms like social media.

When you think about syndicating content, then you should always keep in mind that each audience has its preference related to content. So, you need to make allowances for people with different tastes. Hence, always be prepared to add, delete, and modify the pre-written content according to the taste of the syndicate partner’s audience.

Effective Pitching Of Syndicating Content

When compared to syndicating relationships and guest blogging they are similar. You’ll try to know and explore the content, style, and acceptance of the publisher, who syndicates your content. After you know that who is syndicating your content, it’s time to send them a customized pitch that includes – ‘What you’re giving to them’ and ‘What you are offering them’.

Maintaining a communication relationship with your partner, helps you to know specifically the content syndication publication process in which they need your RSS feed or anything else.

Selection Of Syndicators 

You are ready to do the selection of vendors with an audience and an asset. And once you start doing content syndication you have lot more options for the vendor. Different vendors do content syndication differently, as some do it through the display, while some do it through email and other channels. The major effect on targeting options, impact on the scale, and cost of offering is dependent on the way or process of distributing syndicating content.

Researching at the time for looking content syndication partner always helps. There are quite a few that aren’t so reputable, but there are quite a few credible options. Selecting a couple of quality content syndication partners is a good idea rather than selecting quantity content syndication partners.

Run The Campaign

Once the groundwork is done, now it’s time to let syndicators do their work. Before agreeing on the campaign details, always pay attention to any recommendations that the syndicator might have. They are more aware of their audience; hence they’ll help to target most from your campaign.

When starting with a new syndicator, it’s better to start with the smaller side. This trial campaign helps to confirm the quality of the results produced by the syndicated services and helps to reduce the risk for long term deal. In the end, stay connected with your syndicator partner after your campaign is launched and take the reviews and guide them according to the requirement timely.

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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