The telemarketing industry is one of the most effective and powerful services that provide a platform for client communication which contributes to the economy of the company. Even emergency of advanced technology or new technology comes into the market still there is no alternative option or complete replacement for the effectiveness of direct communication. Because channels like social media and email marketing cannot provide all the information majorly the live experience therefore  telemarketing plays an important role, but it cannot be denied that telemarketing is gradually losing its charm. New development in business and telecommunication are responsible for a few challenges majorly for the business that utilize the platform.

In this article we are going to discuss the top three  B2B telemarketing challenges with its solutions:

A.     Low Customer Satisfaction

The call center’s callback volume rate for previous and unresolved issues are only 20 to 30 percent. The dissatisfied customers or even worse will never complain, they will just leave and never come back. For the call center, it takes seven positive experience on average to make up for their one bad experience to compensates the customer.


Providing a skill-based route or interactive voice response helps to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, so that when customer call, they can experience a more personalized experience. Hence, customer’s needs and information are collected by the IVR so that they can transfer the customer to the most appropriate agent or department. Besides the reduction of operational costs, the team will never lose its high-value customer.

B.     Defining the USP

USP is a Unique Selling Point that never loses its significance in marketing and so telemarketing is no exception. USP helps to have an edge over the competitors that define the product or service uniquely in this highly competitive marketplace. Also, it makes the product more appealing and needy as compare to the competitors’ product. Hence, it is quite difficult to convey the USP to the customer through tele-calling and converting the customer into the consumer.


Developing USP is not so easy. It is very important to know our own product before developing USP as it helps to convey what unique features our product is offering to the customer in comparison to the competitors. Hence, USP well-defines the brand value and helps it to stand-out in this competitive industry. At the same time, it is important to be aware of the trends of the current industry. After carrying out detailed market research you need to communicate USP so that the prospect recalls your product or services.

C.      Need For Better Technology

In the call center, it is believed that 63 percent of customer experience is improved through assistance and chatbots. Growth of technologies on contact centers like CRM database, predictive dialers and to go through all process, workforce management tools is used. Therefore, the growth of the call center is directly connected to the up-gradation of infrastructure. And if up-gradation is not done then it can create serious trouble in the growth. Also, manager selection of the right technology at right time is difficult to implement.


Before selecting any technology always try to analyze the pros and cons with the help of tools so that it always makes good business. The integration of the tool with the present technology is also important. Clarity of needs and wants is required so that any kind of compromise doesn’t happen with the basic requirement.

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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