B2B Email marketing has always been the pillar in the process of building customer relationships. In today’s time, every business owner and marketer is ready to grab all the opportunities to improve their relationship as well as their sales with the customer. B2B Email marketing campaigns are strategic and calculated— they are not launched on a whim. The building email list was the first step that helps to gain the audience.

But the most common question that arises is ‘How will you do that?’

That’s simple!

By sending a b2b email marketing campaign.

But do you know what are the right types of B2B email marketing campaigns that make users to spend more and share offers? Today’s post will highlight and explain the most popular and engaging three types of campaigns that can be launched.

1. The Welcome Email

The first step in any relationship is your welcoming nature and neglection of this email cannot be done, as it’s the first personal contact with the prospective customer. When a user subscribes to your mailing list, a welcome email plays an important role as it involves a welcoming address in the email of the latest subscriber. The communication through this email should be done very clearly as it allows you to introduce the company and marketing channels in an entertaining and personal way. In the end, you need to ask the clients to set their preferences regarding email frequency, also you need to state ‘what they should expect in their inbox from you’.

2. The Newsletter        

A newsletter is one of the most popular and widespread b2b email campaigns. Business owners know about it, as it provides daily or weekly valuable and non-promotional information, updates, or changes made in the company to their readers. As most of the people like to receive the company’s updates in their mail that helps to build trust and loyal relationships which make them feel like part of the family. Newsletter increases the brand’s visibility by publishing out its content. There should be a brief summary or introduction, it should be backed by an image paired with a headline, and a CTA for recipients to click and read more.

3. The Standard Promotional Campaign

A promotional campaign is one of the most common types of b2b email marketing campaigns. Once a relationship is built with the audience, eventually, you’ll want your audience to buy your product. Hence, it allows you to promote your brand, product, and services individually. Therefore, promotional emails should be products descriptive that it generated curiosity about the product/services, to be offered. Also, it should be emotional that it provokes recipients. Promotional emails include coupons, a sale, a discount, bonuses, or a personalized offer. Ensure to include image/video, color, and info-graphic and try to keep it simple, awesome, and relevant.


In the end, all you need to do is ‘understand the type of b2b email marketing campaign’ (before) you are willing to implement. Because types of b2b email marketing campaigns you send plays a huge role in keeping your subscribers engaged. Hence, there are b2b email marketing campaigns that require adjustment based on a recipient’s actions, or else you can be in trouble. Always try to keep your email informative, real value, and with a personal touch to maintain the client’s interest.

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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