An email marketing service provider allows you to keep the track status and information of each member of an address list to whom the email is sent. Also, it allows the user to send the information to the targeted people who they believe can be the valuable correspondence and categories or segment the address list into interested groups.

Let’s take a look at the market or industry for which these email marketing services are perfect for –

  1. Entrepreneurs,
  2. Small business owners,
  3. Lead generation,
  4. Digital marketing,
  5. Bloggers,
  6. Real estate,
  7. Startups, and
  8. Beginners.

Now, when we are clear with the term and know for whom it is more beneficiary for, let’s get ready to know the details about the best and cheapest email marketing service provider 

1.      Benchmark

Benchmark provides services on the international level; moreover, it’s an easy and intuitive platform to work with. It provides multiple templates with the editor tool for every purpose (greetings, newsletters emails, promotion templates, and giveaways, etc.) so that, the personalization can be done with the help of HTML and CSS. Also, the customer support or support team (different languages) provides a fast and good response to all the queries asked.

2.      SendX

SendX is intuitive that provides rich-features and services to the marketers and business owners at an affordable price that helps them to launch and execute unlimited email marketing campaigns. It provides various kinds of automation tools, for example, if you want to ensure that the email is sent to the right person at the right time or not, you need to automate your email sequences. 

3.      iContact

iContact is effortless also its features are relatively standard it allows you to navigate the interface. Its package is simple yet intuitive as it comes with a complete email marketing template and HTML coding options which represents how deep you want to get into your campaign. However, it doesn’t necessarily stand out from the competition, but what makes it different is its customer support and service team.

4.      Drip

Drip is a perfect and powerful b2b email marketing service provider for eCommerce, bloggers, and digital marketing. It offers a wide range of tools for merchants who want to convert their visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers with the help of market automation and sales funnels. Therefore, contact can be added in three standard ways; i.e. Copy-pasting, individually, and importing bulk email from a file.

5.      Mailjet

Mailjet is used by more than 130,000 businesses for email marketing. It’s the only email marketing service provider that offers real-time collaboration and making it a top option for marketing terms. This email marketing service provider is completely customizable as a drag and drop builder is available in it. It consists of some advanced features such as team collaboration, A/B testing, automation, and sub-accounts.


There are thousands of email marketing service providers out there, who come with the package of various features to grow your email list and we want to make sure you finalize the right service provider according to your business needs. I truly hope this guide has helped you to choose and find the best email marketing service provider, that helps you with your email services and email campaigns.

And if there is any query or it didn’t help you, contact us.


Written By:

Himani Kathal

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