In this article, we are going to discuss the lead generation Channels to get effective lead results for b2b. It’s very important to retain the attention of prospects by giving proper time, value, and solutions to their problem. Generating traffic on the website is not enough, conversion of that traffic into paying customers is important because in b2b random potential clients are not considered as “LEADS”. The lead generation process is the game to target quality leads rather than the quantity leads.

In the last 4-5 years, b2b behavior has changed drastically due to the frequent change in the strategies. The last four months of the year are important as there is an increase in the competition among the b2b lead generating companies due to which revaluation of old strategies needs to be done, to stay in the competitive industry. As compared to the previous method, generating B2B leads have become an easier process which helps you to close more deals in less time.

Mentioned below are the five most prominent and successful business to business lead generation channels to provide a good starting point for lead generation strategy:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Conversion Rate Optimization

# Email Marketing

It’s been 42 years since “Email Marketing” has come into existence. All you need to do is, attract the audience with such effective content that they buy your product. 80% of marketers believe that it is the best marketing channel for ROI. At each stage of the funnel, you can personalize leverage content and target hyper segmented audiences to improve email engagement.

# Social Media Marketing

Over the years, these channels have allowed for targeting best-suited approaches across the world by refining the lead generation process, but always remember it benefits only on top of the funnel. It helps to generate organic leads by understanding the insights of potential customers by reviewing the most liked and shared posts on their social profile.

# Content Marketing

In today’s time, people consume an enormous amount of online data. Therefore, inbound marketing is the most popular form of “Content Marketing”. Blogging helps to build trust and relationships by providing attractive and reliable content that can be promoted on various social media channels. Also, buyers prefer self-education before buying any product.

# Search Engine Optimization

It’s both science and art of generating organic traffic on the website through search engine results. From optimizing search engine to ranking keywords you choose to post on companies websites it helps in all. It does not only bring the customers on your website but also it helps potential buyers to find your website.

# Conversion Rate Optimization

It is a very crucial part of the lead generation process because it helps to convert the website traffic/visitors into leads or customers. Because if you are not able to convert them, then all your efforts are worthless. Hence, it tries to identify why customers are not performing the decided goals.


To create steady lead streams into your sales pipeline, the above mentioned five channels are the most effective lead generating tools for the b2b lead generation companies. All of these channels work together for the effective and constant growth of a company. Also, it helps to track the relevant metrics, re-optimize your strategy when required, and monitor your progress regularly.

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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