One of the most popular social media sites on the internet is ‘Quora’, that allows user to ask a question related to any segment that cannot be answered with a simple ‘Google Search’. It allows professionals and other business owners to showcase their experience in a certain segment. The user has to create a profile that shows and shares their details related to his professional experience as well as personal hobbies that provides them the authority to offer a helping hand on a topic and questions simply asked related to their industry. By posting answers to the asked questions, helps you to build their personal as well as professional branding.


For each business goal, Facebook offers a ‘business tools’ that offers individual and organization ability to share the content with the targeted audience that is paid as well as free channel and these channels includes paid advertisements, audience analytics tools, and sponsored post. Facebook doesn’t allow you to reproduce the whole content but you can share links and snippets. It helps businesses and organizations to drive demand, promote sales, and raise awareness. Also, it permits you to post the relevant articles in an ongoing conversation thread. This is a little time consuming and resources consuming process, but it’s a great way to develop connections with other leaders as well.


The main aim of LinkedIn is to focus on building a brand and generating potential customers for a company. This platform offers free as well as paid content syndication opportunities and a distribution platform. Paid content syndication includes Inmail, dynamic display ads, and sponsored content. It allows you to republish your blog articles as a LinkedIn article in your connections news feeds. Also, it not only allows you to republish your articles but also helps you to create your network with the people in your secondary professional network and the more people click ‘like and share content’ the more impression will gain. Therefore, the LinkedIn platform is designed for business people, especially for the b2b marketers.


Reddit is a social media platform that reaches tens of thousands of people every day where it contains something for everyone, as it’s one of the most popular cultures everywhere. In this platform, users share links to the content from around the web. This site works around the globe, but majorly it covers the U.S. Reddit cannot create rich featured articles also it’s not the top best place to syndicate the content fully. It also contains some of the other social media sites on the list, also it allows you to share your original post and start a conversation on it where programmers are allowed to ask a question about development challenges. It is a great place to build the audience and develop a reputation thought leader.


Medium is a social media platform that provides a space for businesses and writers to publish and feature their rich articles, content, audio, photos, and videos directly. This platform is especially for long-form content where you can syndicate all of the lengthy blogs and posts. Suppose you have content on your website and you wish to syndicate that then you just have to import the content by pasting URL into medium site and this site will automatically detect all the content, links, images, and meta tags so that search engine can recognize your original website. Hence Medium is a platform where like-minded people can connect also by targeting the audience as well.

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Himani Kathal

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