Lead Generation is the top priority and lifeline for the growth of b2b demand generating company as it plays a key role in the efforts of your sales and marketing team by generating “Revenue”. The system produces leads by bringing quality traffic and converting them into paying customers. For the company and its revenue growth there are three important steps for the lead generation process to achieve:

  1. Lead generation
  2. Conversion of leads into sales
  3. Maintaining relationships and maximizing their spent.

These are the three complex and challenging steps which seem to be simple, but these are the only three ways to grow your marketing lead. There are many leading b2b lead generating companies who spend more time on the lead generation process of complex steps and once the set up is done you can still find the problems for many reasons. Due to which company has to struggle for generating leads for sales.

Here are the top 5 reasons behind the failure of b2b lead generation:

Reason #1 –

Due to the lack of an effective strategy, lead generation efforts might fail. In which the mapping process might not be done properly, due to which proper understanding for your ideal “buyers person’s” cannot be created. Hence, provide a clear understanding to the buyer you need to identify their aspects. Which includes – decision criteria, success factor, evaluation journey and, priority initiatives, etc.

Reason #2 –

Due to a lack of valuable information in every interaction the interest of buyers reduces. As many salespeople forget to confirm the follow-up process on time to discuss the specific event or action, due to which they set up a few “Default” emails. These emails put the salesperson in an order-taker position in place to a trusted-adviser position.

Reason #3 –

Due to a lack of social media platform knowledge, investing all-time in the wrong place can be huge destruction. Investing little or more time on social media platform without proper time management and proper research for the content to be posted can be a huge mistake as – not all social media platform creates an equal impact on b2b marketing world.

Reason #4 –

Due to lack of efficiency when the company uses too much friction in the sales process, in the name of efficiency. Then this type of segmentation is only good for the seller but not for the buyer, as high-value b2b buyers do not entertain this type of tossing from one salesperson to another salesperson.

Reason #5 –

Due to the lack of effective lead nurturing process and sales approach of the sales team within your company as not all leads are sales-ready. CRM and Marketing Automation Program is a key tool that allows you to monitor all the activities done on the company’s digital assets by the prospects or leads. 


In the end, all I’ll say is business to business lead generation planning is something which happens according to the situation and the same thing does not remain forever. Because when it comes to marketing and lead generation few tricks and tips work for one company and not for the other company so it depends on the situation. So keep in mind these five failure reasons before doing b2b lead generation and always keep testing and trying.

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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