In this article, you’ll be reading about how to ‘build an email list fast and from scratch’ in online marketing with few simple steps.

But before you start, you need to know some important points about the email list.

Email Marketing is the best form of creating proper communicating with prospects and customers. We all know that social media gets a lot of attention but building your best email list for free is the most valuable digital channel. After so much research and study, researchers have found that in terms of ROI email has beaten every other form of online marketing.

In the present situation, the competitive landscape dictates that to survive it is very important to keep improving the techniques and grow. And to sustain the growth all sorts of strategies and tactics are used by the business employ.

Also, Building an email list has been proven one of the most historical and successful methods for the growth of small businesses. Because it offers various advantages of having quality in the email list rather than quantity in the email list. An email list allows you direct access or communication with the customers who want to hear from the business itself, also it allows you to:

  • Informing the audience.
  • Prospects conversion.
  • Updates on delivery.
  • Conduct survey.
  • Messages delivery to the target audience.
  • Revenue generation.

To grow your small business, an effective and inexpensive strategy is to build an email list. So here are the quick preview and tactics of building an email list that you can use to succeed this year:

Step 1: Look For Good Email List Software

Before you start to build your email list the first and most important part is to select the best and most suitable email list software that helps to automate your b2b email marketing. Also, the software should be remarkable, especially for online business owners, bloggers, and small businesses.

Step 2: How To Grow Email List

After finalizing the software it is important to get the attention of the prospects so that they sign up for your email list to utilize the best email marketing service. And the best way to get the attention is to give away something as a “Bribe” to induce them to opt-in.

For Example: 

  • Providing any sort of coupon or discount.
  • Providing a piece of the sample or free content.

Step 3: Placing Email List Form On Website

Now when you have completed the above two steps, it’s time to put these email signup forms on the website. Here are two great options for a traditional website or store to buy an email list:

  • In your navigation option, include the link to an email list sign-up form.
  • In your menu option, include the link to an email list sign-up form.

Step 4: Send This Email To Every Prospect Or Customer Who Sign-up To Email List

Now it’s time to build an email list, as you have prepared your email sign-up forms. So, the first email that most of the best email marketing software allows you to send is the ‘Welcome’ email, which should be sent as it helps to grab the attention of the prospects. And the second email that should be sent ‘What are you struggling with right now?’ this question helps to figure out what kind of content should be created for them, which will help get valuable customer insights.

Step 5: Final Step ‘How To Build Email List’

After completing all the steps, you have reached the last step in which you have to keep in mind that you only need not build the email list but also you need to think about its growth strategies as well. So, here are the points you need to follow at the time of the email list creation:

  • Fabricate a long-term content creation strategy.
  • Maintain a giveaway email list.
  • Design email list popup form.
  • Deploy the drafting technique.


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Himani Kathal

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