Email is one of those marketing channels that is used by every single age, as everyone knows that it is a powerful tool for the growth of a business, and engagement of a target plays the lead role. So to achieve all the targets, you need to accelerate your email marketing efforts and generate your email list. But, before you start with all this process you need to have a “Plan”.


How exactly this plan is to be generated?

How does this tool work?

What is to be done to get the conversion and growth of a business?

How to face every year new and changing challenges of the market? And many more questions like that.

No wonder! here is the answer to all your questions – “Email Marketing Campaign”.

Email Marketing Campaign provides you the opportunity to engage the customers, create/maintain their interest, communicate your brand image, build the relationship with the potential customers, gather information, increase the web traffic, and, generate direct selling by sending emails from a business to customers or prospects. But before you start sending emails you need to work on basic to create a successful email campaign.

Fortunately, creating an effective and successful email campaign doesn’t require to be difficult. All it takes is a little care and forethoughts while planning it. Therefore, by following these eight steps, you’ll be able to launch successful and professional email campaigns in no time.

1.      Identification Of Goal:

For better results, it is important to set the goals before planning any email marketing strategy because it keeps your campaign on track. And once your email campaign goal is decided, and you get ideas for it then don’t rush to put it into action. Slow down, and think! what you’re trying to accomplish. 

2.      Analyzing The Target Audience:

After identifying the goal, it’s time to analyze who and what type of your ideal subscribers are and then create a persona for them. Through which you’ll be able to attract the right prospects to your email list and then accordingly you can send the relevant content.

3.      Select An Email Template Or Build One From Scratch:

After analyzing the target audience, the next step is to decide whether you are going to select the customizable email template or you are going to build from scratch. Unless you have the time to design every email template, I would suggest you to go with a customizable email template as it saves a lot of time.

4.      Selection Of Appropriate Email Marketing Platform:

After creating the email campaign, it’s time to decide which email marketing service is more suitable, worth and, in the budget for the growth of your business. However, few of the services for most self-sustaining e-marketing campaigns are – Constant Contact, SendinBlue, Drip, and many more.

5.      Segment Email Listing:

Once the platform is decided, it’s time to segment your contact list as sending the same email to the entire contact list won’t produce organic results. The segmentation can be done on the basis of various parameters like – demographics, buyer journey stage, and the buying frequency and engagement history.

6.      Review And Test The Emails:

Once you are done with all the email creation processes you need to review and check all the components of your email like – hyperlinks, subject line, and visual design. After the review process starts testing by running the email copy on Gmail, and Outlook, etc.

7.      Send Your Email Campaign:

Congratulations! Your email marketing campaign is ready to go. Now, it’s time to hit send! You can also schedule it on your subscriber’s time zone or you can develop triggered email campaigns that your subscribers can receive after completing the certain task on specific links.

8.      Track The Result:

Alright, you’re almost done! Once you send the email to your subscribers you can track the results with the help of the “Email Analytics” tool. You can say that tracking plays the role of “cherry on the top” in your email marketing campaign.

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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