In a survey, it is found that there are 44% of email recipients makes at least one purchase with the provided promotional email. Around the world, one of the most effective sales channels for business to business is email marketing although it may seem as old as the internet.

To increase your sales conversation ‘How do you nurture your leads?’

Using B2b Email Marketing Automation helps differently.

In lead nurturing, email marketing automation may not be a new concept, but it’s found that only 35% of b2b industries have an automatic email program in their system.

Here are the couples of reasons why b2b email marketing automation optimization should be done:

1.    It is seen that automated email messages have a 152% more click-through rate and a 5% higher opening rate than standard messaging.

2.    In email technology solutions, 60% of marketers believe that one of the three most important attributes is automation.

Hence, there are several ways to begin lead nurturing and email marketing automation optimization is one of them and should be considered. Therefore, keep reading to learn ‘how to optimize b2b email marketing automation?’ for the better, fast, and successful growth of a business:

1.    Proper optimization of data

No matters how tightly your data is segmented, the beauty of automation is that it can juggle multiple paths of customers with different ‘reactions’. To get the real and benefited result from automation you need to feed the right data to your automation. Collect the data from the reaction of customer email templates like data hygiene, data in context, and data accessibility.

2.    Path identification and its simplicity

Based on goals, try to generate a sales nurturing path for the targeted market where the customer is in the sales cycle. To send out drip messages to prospects, an email marketing automated campaign was introduced. The complexity of b2b email marketing automation drip campaigns can get fast. Hence, automation campaign workflow should be simple and time-based emails those are simple drip campaign with 1 or 2 variables.


3.    Segmentation of email contact

50% more clicks are generated through segmented emails as compared to all in an email blast. Send out emails and categorize customer lists that are relevant to segments. Segmentation can be done by collecting segmented information at the time of lead generation and to manage b2b email marketing campaign segmentation easily do proper utilization of email management tool.


4.    Clear and compelling call-to-action

Most of the marketers rank and optimize very valuable to the call-to-action. Create and preview call-to-action so that it is easy to see above the folder in the email content. Increase the usage of short, simple action words such as ‘get’, ‘order’, and ‘buy’. Additionally, try to use words like ‘free’, ‘customized’, and ‘more’ to show how it is beneficial for a customer that also increase the conversation rate.


5.    Build more opt-in opportunities

In this post-GDPR world, data is king. In today’s time, people have to opt-in to receive our emails, hence encountering prospects to create trust in us with valuable data is important. To increase engagement, the increasing opportunity is important. So to opt-in you need to make sure that it is prominent, easy to undertake, completely transparent, and don’t ask for any sensitive information as well.

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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