Now that you have built your business it’s time to make it better through sales lead generation to expand it. And for that, you need to generate genuine leads.

For marketing lead, 61 percent of marketers feel that lead generation is the top marketing challenge!

So for your marketing strategies, do you use social networking sites?


Are you struggling to come up with the results of your social media marketing?

Not to worry, to overcome that challenge social media channels can facilitate you… because for business it is an effective and powerful tool – only if you use it in the right way.

In the world, there are lots of organizations whether they are B2C or B2B, who are using it effectively. What’s their secret?

So get ready to gear up your social media, because we’ve pulled together some of the top Lead generation tricks and tips to make the maximum impact for your business, we’ve got everything covered in this blog you need to know. From simple steps to the broader process, we’ve got it all aiming for B2B lead generating companies.

Here is a handful of tips and tools to optimize the quality of lead generating ideas and to improve your strategies.

  • Having ‘share button’ encourages and makes it easy to share the content or the images on social media.
  • Having the option of ‘email subscription’ on your social media pages helps to drive engagement and to collect the genuine leads.
  • Build a relationship with the relevant people who share or post the blogs within your space, so that they may start sharing your content as well.
  • On social media platform as compared to the number of followers, engagement is more important.
  • Every channel should be treated differently as compared to the other channel. This will create more interest in people and will increase the reach of relevant leads in all the channels.
  • In the Lead generation process, maintaining the interest and getting the attention of customers, it is important to keep the content entertaining or inspirational.
  • Always check frequently your ‘customer service’ board on social media because the speed to respond to the customer’s query shows, what, and how much customer means to you.
  • Make sure you are using all the social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and more) to the fullest either it is free or paid.
  • Don’t only use the content and images try to shoot the video clips, Slideshare as well, it helps to generate more and relevant traffic on the website.
  • To stand out from competitors using ‘hashtags’ to gain attention, increase brand awareness, and generate high-quality leads.
  • Instead of reading a post, 80 percent of people find live videos simple, easy, and fun to watch regardless of their age. Therefore, you can easily form a connection or a relationship with the target audience.
  • To generate quality leads it is important to understand in which social media platform your target audience can be found.


It is not important what the size of your business is. The important thing is to generate quality leads. Above mentioned twelve tactics and lead generation strategies are some of the most reliable and going to help you to generate relevant marketing lead for your B2B business on social media. As billions of people are using social media to do business and interact with the customers.


Written by:
Himani Kathal

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