Everyone knows that leads aren’t lead until you qualify the race to earn it. You need to understand what type of buying process your target audiences are spending there most of the time. All these lead generation processes are going to help you to understand the real value of your customers.

In today’s market, there are various processes to generate leads and each stage consists of some new tips and tricks from which you need to find out your suitable process. While going through all this process we shouldn’t forget one process which has consistently proven itself in the market and has still maintained its value and position for a long time.

That is “Telemarketing”.

What Is Telemarketing?

The process of doing direct marketing  of the products and services to potential customers over the telephone, internet, or fax to generate leads, gather information and making sales are known as Telemarketing. In telemarketing, the calls are carried out by the telemarketers on the telephone or automated by the robocalls.

It is especially useful for the business whose customers are located in the hard to reach places. So that they can stay in constant touch with the customers and can generate more leads from there as well. It is the combination of both the ‘advertisement and the personal selling’. Telemarketing is also denoted as ‘Inside Sales’ or ‘Tele Sales’.

Telemarketing is of two types:

Ø  Inbound Telemarketing: Inbound telemarketing operators handle incoming telephone calls placed by prospects and customers — often generated by catalogs, broadcast advertising, or direct mail. To solve the general inquires or to take the order placed by the customers for a wide range of products. This type of telemarketing programme does not need any special type of training or knowledge.

Ø  Outbound Telemarketing: Outbound Telemarketing directly aims at the prospective consumer through the operators by performing ‘cold calling’. The operator selects prospects from the list provided to them to raise awareness about the market product and market services. The main motive of these operators is to get the orders placed by the contacted person by convincing them. This type of telemarketing programme needs a special type of training or knowledge for every suitable response of prospects.

Where Telemarketing Is Helpful?

In online marketing, similar type product and services prospects have to face a multitude of offers due to which the percentage to cracking the customers is getting tough day by day. So in order to get the success, integrated sales and marketing campaign ‘Telemarking’ is the best. Here integrated isn’t a word throw around, but it could be the difference between static one and dynamic sales pipeline.

To build a meaningful relationship with the prospects you can combine telemarketing with the tactical sales and marketing leads such as appointment setting, email marketing, and direct mailing, etc. Even now a day, prospects want someone rapport to guide them and provide them with trusted advice for the sales process. So it helps to maintain those kinds of relationships in which if the prospects receive your calls they know it, that you have called to help or guide them.


In this blog, what I have tried to explain is, Telemarketing is not just a word but it has various roles to play according to the situations. For example, it helps to generate leads, it helps to spread the awareness, advertise and do the personal selling about the products and services, etc.

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Written By:

Himani Kathal

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