Data Mining

Data mining is the process of finding, analyzing and extracting relevant and usable data from a larger set of raw data. For the success of any business, it is very much essential to have a constant flow of qualified leads and prospects into your sales funnel. It does take a lot of efforts and work for a B2B company when they want to attract the appropriate kind of leads.

For doing so, a company, first of all, needs to target its suitable or proper audience. Thus with the help of data mining, companies can keep the point of sale records of the purchase made by the customers. Data mining helps a company to turn raw data into useful information. We at Pangea Global Services understand the needs of our clients and thus help them to reach out their customers faster, generate leads and maximize their marketing and sales returns with the help of our data mining process which has been listed down below in the following points:

  • In the first phase, we tend to understand the needs, requirements and objectives of our clients and business. Here, we define our data mining goals as per the specifications mentioned by our clients.
  • In the second phase, we explore and gather informative data from a huge set of raw data. This stage involves sampling and transformation of data.Data collection is very much important since this is an integral, often the initial component of any research.
  • In the third phase, we analyze the informative data. Once the data is collected, cleaned and processed, it becomes ready for analysis. Through analyzing the data, we get the proper relevant information about who are the real audience we are supposed to target. It helps to understand, interpret and derive conclusions based on the requirements.
  • In the last phase, it is finally time for us to interpret the results. This is the process of evaluating and determining the significance of important information. We tend to interpret the results that are rich in clear detail and assist us to help our clients in generating leads into their sales funnel.

Data mining tools can be very beneficial for sales forecasting, to develop more effective marketing strategies, increase sales and of course reduce costs.

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