Email Marketing

Email is the irrefutable king of B2B marketing. Convincing the customers to make a buying decision with B2B email marketing is not a cakewalk. But if that is done appropriately then it can lead to generating a truckload of business for the company. In this era of digitization, people use emails than any other means of digital communication. Despite the arrival of so many other digital means of communication, email still plays extremely the most important and crucial part when it comes to B2B marketing.

One of the biggest advantages of email marketing is it’s lower cost compared to other conventional marketing strategies. Considering this very fact, we ,at Pangea Global Services, tend to design our email marketing campaign according to the specifications mentioned by our client companies. We understand the importance of having a good engaging outbound email marketing content and thus with the assistance of this, we tend to drive the hot and warm leads into your sales funnel. We help you to analyze your target audience, create a proper strategy and thus sending emails that clients actually want to read.

Our email marketing campaign works as following:


  • Planning– This is the stage where we identify our target audience, define customer personas and objectives, plan a constructive message.
  • Development– This is the stage where we develop our engaging content and design our templates
  • Testing– This is the stage where we prepare the subject line, call to action.
  • Delivering–This is the stage where the message is being sent showing how the product or services can actually help.
  • Analysis– This is the stage where we tend to check the recipients’ activities such as if they have visited, opened or clicked the email and thus generating leads or sales.
  • Reporting–This is the stage where the delivery, open rates and bounces are being checked.

Controlling – This is the stage where the communication channel with the customers is being maintained.

With the assistance of these 7 keys, we at Pangea Global Services, plan our optimal email marketing campaign. The entire process of creating innovative, effective and well-targeted emails is what we tend to deliver. 

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