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It takes a lot to transform a lead into sale.

The lead management process enables businesses in predicting which initiatives generate the most prospects, allowing you to boost your promotional campaign for performance and efficiency. We can ascertain how a person evolved from a prospect to a lead for a customer since it maintains track of users’ overall history of transactions and contacts with businesses.

Our lead management service incorporates acquiring leads, tracking their interactions with your business, such as email, phone conversations, and website activity, and qualifying and retaining them until they purchase your items. Simply stated, the lead management team ensures that your leads (potential clients) are efficiently managed until they complete a deal.

Lead Management Attributes

Content Marketing

We acquire, deliver, retrieve, govern and overall manage data in any format.

We are conscious of your needs and plan accordingly. We target the potential audience who are a perfect fit for your business. We utilize creative and innovative content to attract a greater audience.

With Pangea, clients can experience the difference in website visibility and brand credibility.

Lead Nurturing

We establish relationships with prospects and foster them throughout the purchasing journey.

We are known for the services we offer to our clients. We not only stimulate new clients for your business, but we also nurture and guide them down the appropriate route throughout their relationship with the company.

We at Pangea put a premium on client satisfaction and a pleasant experience.

Lead Qualification

We quantify prospective clients based on their financial competence and willingness to purchase a product or service.

We interpret leads who are keen to buy and integrate them into the brand, consequently growing your profits.

Pangea places greater emphasis on quality above quantity. Our lead management team ensures that you are presented with quality leads who may become your perpetual clients in order to offer you the finest service possible.

Lead Management Approach

Evaluating and Analyzing Leads

Pangea takes this step as primary concern. We sketch out who our clients' target audience is, based on their demographics, geography, profession, and company size, among other factors. We examine at how leads behave and where they originate from. We begin by defining where the target market may be found on the web.

Acquiring Intellect on Leads

We keep track of marketing insights to interpret how folks go to your website or blog and what they are doing when they are live. This helps us to better understand what kinds of content leads are looking for, as well as their preferences, requirements, and objectives. In order to nurture clients’ leads, it's essential to acquire this data.

Lead Scoring

Lead score supervises and monitors lead's interest in product or service. Demographic information and behavioral activity are two potential parameters that determine a lead’s score. This information is crucial to the efficiency of transferring off quality leads because the higher the score, the more likely the lead is to convert.

Passing Leads for Sales

We inspect if leads are prepared to be forwarded on to sales. Before passing, we score leads attentively and appropriately, based on activities with leads engaged in to guarantee the leads do not require additional nurturing. We also ensure that the new marketing team gives authentic and extensive data on the lead’s behavior and background that they gleaned during the lead generation and nurturing phases.

Tracking Leads

Even if all leads has been passed on, we assure to review them with the sales team and filter, rank, and evaluate them as required. Continue to review the process along the way to see what works best for clients’ business.

Lead Management Highlights

  • We make use of a content map to specify what sort of content is accorded to each type of lead.
  • In order to retain the lead relationship, we personalized our emails and online interactions.
  • We include appropriate calls-to-action on all sources of information.
  • From the initial interactions until the lead is ready to be transferred on to sales, delivering relevant content to help them along the way.